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Simple IoT for Families
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1- We offer a full range of complete domestic protection solutions that fits with your needs
All what you need to protect your family and your goods is available.
You can protect your family and your house, but also objects like luggage, camper, cars...
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2 - We offer hand Key solutions
We offer full integrated solutions.
You buy not only a device but also the use of the full infrastructure to visualize yours datas in a simple easy way.

We made Technology simple, you only have the positive aspects, the rest is our job!
One solution contain
An IoT solution is composed of a sensor able to send data to a cloud where you can visualize your data.
Impossible to make a more simple IoT solution.
3 - How to install it ?
In three easy step you can protect your family and your goods.

- No need of complex configuration,
- Plug & Play personalized solution,
- No Pain only Gain
- Place the device and visualize data!
With the order we will send you an email to ask you the phone number and the email that will receive notifications about the device. We will configure the device with your informations before the shipping.
Just wait and Relax !
1- Choose the solution
Open the package, turn on the device and place it where you have decided.
Your job is finished!
Nothing more easy!
2- Install the device
Connect to the platform with your internet access.
After a few moment you'll se the informations in the platform.
See the state of every sensor and the informations you need.
You have the control!
3- Connect to the platform
4- Enjoy!
4 - Why are we unique?
We offer a unique combination of simplicity, Power and security to our products.

You have only to focus on the data!
- No need of Wi-Fi o GSM,
- Nothing complex. Only install and envoy
- Access to your data from everywhere in the world in every condition
- Industrial technology applied to family wellbeing
- You have the full control of your data
- Walks also in case of blackout
New Horizon offer a new vision of how electronic can give people a better, safer and sicure life. With a simple connected object you can receive messages in case of allarm and visualize the state of the sensor simply from smartphone, tablet, computer connected to internet. IoT make simple for families !
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5 - Ready for the next step ?
Responding few questions we will help you ti find the solution that fit with your need
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Responding few questions we will help you ti find the solution that fit with your need