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We develop Smart IoT Solutions to increase Human WELL-BEING
Fully harness the benefits of the Internet of Things
to take care of Peoples, Things and Environment.

We offer modern Care IoT solutions that increase security of peoples, things and Environment
An IoT solution is made of four key components
We develop integrated solutions that include all these components in a unique and simple application.

A successful combination of simplicity and power
that offer a new kind of services
Sensor data is captured and processed by New Horizon devices and sent and warehoused in the cloud through IoT wireless connectivity.

Then the user application allows to easily visualize, monitor and manage our data and devices, making smart, real-time and remote monitoring of assets a reality.

Everything comes inside the application, we call it "IoT made simple".

New Horizon is different because transform data in knowledge, it is now possible to gather our data and develop a new data-driven organisation!
This is how it work
Simplify reporting procedures
Reduce operational costs and down times
Gain full control of your assets remotely
Automate and
End-to-end packaged solutions
We offer hand key solutions by structuring different components available on the market and validated by us.
We realize IoT solutions in two specific ways
Custom solutions development
We develop hand keys solutions with a full personalization from devices to platform.
In any solution the dashboard management is fully personalized to offer answers of the specifics needs of the users.
- Smart Buildings. Future Smart Cities must not be only Smart but also Sustainable and Resilient.

- Smart Factories. Agility, flexibility, efficiency and predictivity models are the key words of the fourth industrial revolution.

- Smart Retail. Intelligent instruments to strengthen the relationship between product and consumers.

- Smart Utilities. Use of connected sensors over a grid to deliver services more efficiently and to have new analyze instruments.

- Smart Agriculture & Farm. Optimize the yield and productivity of agricultural lands using the most modern and sustainable means.

- Smart Logistics. Full control and management of the goods from the production to the last km delivery.
We offer end to end packaged solutions...
We offer standard developed applications that can be eventually be integrated into your existing product portfolio with a white-labeling options. For families we offer close packaged solutions and for companies we offer more structured standard solutions.
... And we develop futur-proof Solutions
Three steps needs assessment process to define together the right solutions for your business.
1 - Evaluation of needs and requirements
2 - Analysis of potential solutions
3 - Feasibility assessment and next steps
We have all the necessary technical and human skills to make your projects successful. Let's talk !
Machine Learning
Data analysis
We are leader in Data Analysis
“Without data, you're just another person with an opinion"
- W. Edwars Deming -
IoT consent to have all data available in a platform management. However the black gold of the millennium will be data so we offer modern complementary instruments to use at the best your collected data.

- Machine Learning consent to realize simply predictions and anticipate anomalies.
- With BlockChain it is possible to realize an official certification of the data for assicurazione uses for example.
- Data analysis and Reports can improve customer Service and make visible and simply understandable complex data.
We want to lead Sustainability change
"There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew."
- Marshall McLuhan, philosopher -
With the use of the IoT technologies we want to create a new paradigm that dimostrate that only sustainable solutions will have future in economy.

We are a unique company that develop technology and offer
REAL SOLUTIONS to be more sustainable; we offer FACTS.

For example we will introduce the carbon footprint generated
by our solution in confront with our competitors, be transparent
is essential to give the possibility to clients to integrate this aspect in
the choice of the better solution... Be transparent is a choice...

Carbon Footprint
We have two approach:
- Deliver solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of clients,
- Compensate the Carbon footprint generated by the company with the
planting of trees every year and also offer this possibility to clients.

Energy Management

Our ambition is to:
- Use all the available technology (IoT, Ml, IA...) to offer services that manage energy flows and reduce energy consumption in all industries,
- Develop and use all the new technologies to increase sustainability of all the components of our solutions,
- Develop technology to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC technologies and of all domestic devices.

Environmental Management

Climate change is an evidence and has an important impact on humanity.
Our mission is to develop and deliver low cost solutions with top technologies to monitor and prevent catastrophic environmental events ( flood wave, landslides for example) in developed countries as in third world.

CARE IoT is an IDEAL, a MISSION that day after days, without never stopping, NEW HORIZON will realize.

"Create new points of view, new links, news horizons is an objective so clear for us that with our name we will remember every day the promise we made."
- G. Bogaert, NEW HORIZON Founder -
Future is coming, are you ready?
Level-up your Company capturing your data, transforming it into information generating real-time knowledge for smarter decisions and operations.

For the safety of people, goods and Environment we are ready to travel to industry 4.0

Futur is nearer than it seems and we will be happy to explain how we can help you to increase your efficiency with the new IoT instruments.

Best in class company have choose us
They have unlocked new efficiency levels with us
Steel Industry
Public administration
Glass Industry
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IoT for a safer life


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